Mower Advisor
Hi there, let me introduce myself, I’m Mike. I live in a lovely house with my wife Heather and two beagles called Buster and Bunty.
I've decided to do a lawn and garden make over this year so that my family can enjoy the summer season ahead. I thought it would be a nice idea to document in an ongoing series of video blogs to show the progress and results.
I should clarify something…
I’m not an accomplished gardener, neither am I a professional lawn care expert. I just have different sized lawn areas which currently are in a poor state due to weeds, moss and the two Beagles. I also have walled areas and a pond to consider.
With this in mind...
I'll be using professional services for aeration and scarification and weed killing. I don't own the equipment needed for these tasks and even if I did I wouldn't necessarily know what to do. Plus, I am quite work shy when I know having the right equipment will do manual labour in a fraction of the time!

I’m hoping though to pick up some tips from these professionals when they come around for my own future lawn care use.
The Journey and Reviews
I'll be reviewing lawn mowers and garden tools throughout the year, which I hope you will find of some use. I'll also be giving you general tips that I find online or learn about during this journey to help us keen gardeners.
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