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Petrol Power

What’s happening in the world of Petrol Power?
The petrol lawnmower market is certainly getting greener and whilst alternative power is readily available, petrol mowers remain hugely popular, especially with guaranteed longer run times and additional cutting power.

Petrol lawnmowers have been continually improving and innovating over the past decade. Manufacturers have been working hard to reduce noise and vibration making most mowers quieter and comfortable to use.

Another key focus is the reduction of emissions, with all engines now ensuring they have the stamp of approval from the EU, thanks to the European Stage V/5 Emissions legislation for non-road vehicles and equipment, which aims to reduce harmful emissions further.

Environmentally Friendly Decks

The new legislation, combined with the innovative features available makes petrol lawnmowers a very attractive choice. Plus, most decks are made from high quality and long-lasting metal which reduces the amount of plastic used compared to electric and some battery models.

Choose from beneficial innovations such as easy starting and space saving storage …in a lot of cases pull chords are no longer needed and have been replaced with push button and key start. There is technology to stop blades without switching off the engine too, so you can move the mower to different areas of the garden without the need to stop and restart it again. There are now even models that can be folded and stored vertically to save on storage space and to assist with easy maintenance.
Another key benefit of choosing a petrol mower is that they have longevity so you don’t need to worry about buying a brand new one every 5-10 years. They do need to be maintained though, and it is worth booking them in for an annual service with your local garden machinery dealer at the end of each mowing season, here you can get your machine serviced correctly to ensure it is in tip top condition for the coming spring.
Petrol mowers are not suitable for everyone though, small lawns and urban gardens would benefit from a cordless mower which is ideal for a quick cutting of the lawn.

However, if you have a medium to large lawn space or you regularly mow the lawn, a petrol mower would be handy!

The Mower Selector

You can use our handy ‘Mower Selector’ tool to find out which mowers are best matched to you and your garden.
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