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Summer Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn completes a Summer ready garden

Summer lawns

During the warmer summer months our gardens can act as an extension to our living space, providing a place to entertain, eat, play and relax.

With most of us enjoying our Lawns, which are often the centrepiece of the garden, caring for them at this time of the year is fairly straightforward as most of the hard work (feeding, weeding and scarifying) will have been completed in the spring. However, for a lawn this can be the most stressful time of the year due to external conditions and the fact they tend to get used a lot more than other months.

A little bit of maintenance throughout the year will go a long way in helping you to achieve a healthy, green lawn to enjoy all year round.

With this in mind, here are our top 4 tips to a great Summer lawn:


The best time to feed the lawn is in the spring-time when temperatures are cooler and new shoots are coming through. If you think your lawn could really benefit from a nutrient boost you can apply a fertiliser but choose a week when the weather isn’t going to be too hot.

The best fertilisers to use are those that include natural ingredients and if possible include mycorrhiza fungi, which help to strengthen the roots so they are able to stand up to drought and frost.


If you spent time in the spring tackling weeds you may be pleasantly surprised how little return, if you didn’t you probably have at least one of these in the grass; dandelions, plantain, clover and buttercup.

If you need to use a weed killer, be aware that the grass around the weed that has come into contact with the liquid will also die so use a direct spot treatment to minimise damage and choose a glyphosate-free option with ingredients that do not culminate in the lawn.

Remember… healthy lawns will suppress moss and weeds minimising the need for treatments.


Cut the lawn once a week during the summer unless it gets really hot and you notice the growth slowing down. Keep the length to a consistent one-inch in thickness or longer if you prefer. Your lawn mower will have a height of cut adjustment to help you get the perfect height.

Collecting the cuttings in the collection bag or mulching are the best options for clippings in summer, and the latter will help to give the lawn on-going nitrogen boost too.


There are a lot of different opinions about watering lawns, last year we had really hot, dry weather in June and July and the advice was to not water lawns, this is mainly because if the weather is hot and dry the water will simply run off and it can also cause the roots to grow shallow and be prone to drying out.

Lawns are really resilient and can be repaired with a good care plan in autumn and spring, if you really need to water yours do it late in the evening or early in the morning for the best results.
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