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Summer Lawnmower Maintenance

Hints and tips for maintaining your lawnmower during Summer months
Powered mowers are similar to cars; they need regular maintenance and servicing to ensure the engine stays in excellent condition. If looked after correctly your mower can provide you with years of easy starting and mowing, essential to keeping your garden in good shape for seasons to come.

Follow these simple maintenance tips throughout the mowing season for mower optimum performance.


Good, clean fuel is the key to an easy starting lawnmower. Always use fresh fuel that has been stored for less than three months when topping up the tank, as most unleaded petrol will go stale after this time and, if used, will make the engine difficult to start. Always store fuel in a sealed container away from light and heat.

Using a good fuel additive will help to keep fuel fresh, add every time you add fresh fuel. It will also keep the carburettor clean for easy starting. Additionally a good additive will also protect against the corrosive effects of ethanol found in most fuel.
Please note: avoid using old metal cans to store fuel as these can rust on the inside and cause carburettor blockage.


We always recommend using the oil recommended by the engine manufacturer.

To keep your lawnmower engine in the best condition, check the oil level regularly - ideally every time you mow. Add oil up to the fill line on the dipstick as needed. If you have a brand new mower, change the oil after the first five hours of use. After that, change the oil after every 50 hours of use or at the beginning of each season.

Deck checks

The deck is the driving force of the mower. Always disconnect the spark plug or turn off the mower when carrying out any deck maintenance.

The nuts and bolts that hold the mower together can become loose over time, especially if your garden has difficult terrain or is sloped, check them regularly and tighten as needed.

Check the blades for any stone damage; lawnmower blades should be replaced every two years and can be sharpened on a regular basis.

Clean and cover

Giving the deck a quick clean once you have finished mowing will mean it is ready to go straight away next time. Otherwise wet grass will dry on the deck and it will need to be scrubbed in order to remove it, plus the damp cuttings will produce acid which can corrode the surface.

If the grass has been particularly wet, disconnect the spark plug, check underneath the chassis and remove any build up. Make sure the collection bag is empty and clear the grass chute.

Servicing your mower

All of the tasks mentioned above can be quickly easily carried out as part of your lawnmowing regime and at the end of the season we also recommend having your mower serviced by a lawnmower dealer, who can fully check the mower ahead of it being stored away over winter.

Quick mower maintenance checklist:

o Use clean, fresh fuel
o Add a fuel additive
o Check bolts, blades, chute and wheels
o Check and change oil every 50 hours
o Replace spark plugs after 50 hours
o Wipe the mower down after each mow
o Book an end of season service


Whenever maintenance is carried out on a powered lawnmower always disconnect the spark plug and lift the mower up from the front. Do not turn the machine on its side, as this will cause fuel to leak into the air filter and will cause problems starting and will also create a lot of smoke.
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