Mower Advisor

Mower Selection Guide

Which kind of Mower would best suit your needs?

The size and type of you lawn you have is your best guide!

Small Lawns

Many new build homes and city houses have small gardens. Ideally to mow these small areas it would be better to use a light and easy to manoeuvre lawn mower.

Electric cable and battery powered lawn mowers have light weight plastic decks, this make them easy to use in confined spaces.

If you have obstacles to work around, like trees, ponds or statues etc. consider battery power over cable, as a trailing cable can often prove troublesome in these types of gardens.
Less than 100m²

Medium Sized Lawns

If you have a larger lawn, you really need the power (torque) to help cut your grass better and quicker. So now is the time to consider engine powered lawn mowers.

Entry level to mid performance engine powered mowers will easily cut longer and damp grass.

A mower with the self propelled (the engine powers the wheels) feature makes light work of larger gardens and takes away the effort to cut lawns with slopes.
Between 100m² - 400m²

Larger Lawns

Large lawns really do require a more powerful engine powered lawn mower. Having more power means that you can have a wider cutting width, saving you time! These mowers also tend to have larger grass collectors, meaning that you spend less time stopping to empty the clippings. A well maintained mower will last a considerable time, although the initial cost may be higher than alternative mowers, the cost evens out over the lifetime of the mower.

Again, self-propelled & electric starting features make these mowers even easier to use than ever before.

If you have a much larger lawn area, you may want to consider looking at a ride on mower.
Greater than 400m²
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